Lest we forget

I read the letter of June 30 with a question about the authority of the author’s information on the United Daughters of the Confederacy. (UDC) She maintained the soldier on the Courthouse lawn was erected by the UDC to rewrite history and bury the ‘reality of slavery.” She maligned the history of the UDC.

That is untrue because their objectives have been Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic. They have met these objectives with extreme dedication to the memory of their family’s ancestors.

The soldier was erected as a work of art, a symbol of the love for family and a vanquished country. It is a sentinel standing against slavery ever again.

It is a lesson in history about the loss of life, property and liberty when we war against each other. It is a sign of victory that slaves were freed because of this battle over states rights. It reminds us that we yearn for redemption, not revolution. It represents God-fearing men and women.

The UDC’s motto is: Lest we forget. May we all adopt the same.

Kay Hilburn, Hallsville

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