Once again reading a letter to the editor encourages me to respond. I like the fact that Al Gore gave up on global warming and now touts global climate change. I also remember the acid rain scare. And for my vegan friends, I quote Romans 14:2.

One of my favorite stories is how the oceans are rising. The principal evidence is the land-based icebergs falling into the ocean and melting. They seem to forget about the snow falling inland and accumulating into new icebergs. So, a friend quotes to me the alarming satellite measurement of an increase in the ocean level of 2.6 inches in only 20 years. He forgot to verify that the measurement was of the same wave on the same day and time at the same location and phase of the moon. Or maybe the actual number was 2.5738 and rounded for convenience.

Now I am told the real problem is greenhouse gasses. They seem to forget that Russia, China and India account for most of the world’s pollution and greenhouse gasses. We are one of the least-polluting industrial countries in the world. But wait, animal gaseous emissions are a principal culprit. In the United States we could do away with cows, sheep and goats and convert to plant-based food. Except most of the land used to support these animals is not fitted for cultivation. But if the land is irrigated it will support cultivation. Except water is already in limited supply. The other problem concerns the millions of wild ruminates principally in Africa that need to also be eliminated. Most of these species serve no useful purpose anyway. If someone wants to only eat food not derived from a mother, that is their prerogative. Don’t impose your prejudice on my beef-eating preference.

The final comment concerns fossil fuel and alternate energy sources. It is a well-known fact that coal and oil are found in only a few worldwide locations. I envision millions of plants migrating to a few locations to die and be converted into coal for our future benefit. Or millions of dinosaurs digging down ten thousand feet into a unique location to form a pool of oil. When has anyone replicated plants dying to form coal or animals dying to form oil. Why can’t these minerals occur in the earth just like hundreds of other minerals?

And then there are alternate forms of electrical energy. Electrical energy is consumed on a 24/7 continual bases. Conventional wisdom seems to rely in the future on intermittent energy sources. The answer seems to be based on the future development of energy storage, hopefully. Windmills are economically feasible when heavily subsidized. They are noisy, kill birds and occupy agriculture land in short supply. Solar is also dependent on financial subsidy. It requires mineral that is in limited supply, requires constant maintenance and occupies thousands of acres. An oil well would require a couple of acres in the same area but apparently is not ecological. Who has computed the number and cost of windmills and solar panels needed to replace current electrical generation?

Finally, there are electric cars. Current annual worldwide production of cars is at 30 million. How will that many batteries be manufactured from minerals in limited supply? Then with the worldwide number of cars on the road, where will the additional electricity come from to charge all those batteries each night?

The real problem is worldwide population. The obvious answer is to remove at least three-fourths of the people. Not a bad idea, except that might include me or even you.

— Wallace Boersma, Marshall