Say no to term changes

Editor’s note: the city charter changes will be on the May ballot not during the March election.

To all concerned citizens of Marshall,

This is pertaining to a specific change to the charter, Proposition 0. Term and term limits.

I have no idea why this is even considered. Approximately 10 years ago Tom Allen presented the city commission with a petition with the proper number of signatures required to put it on the ballot.

Many people worked hard to accomplish this. The ballot stated no commissioner should serve no more than four terms of two years each, for a total of eight years.

If I remember correctly, it passed with 81 percent of the vote for this and 19 percent against. The people have spoken! If you have elected a commissioner and he/she does a good job, they get elected again, sometimes without an opponent. If not they are replaced. If elected for four years we may be stuck. It seems that the current commission does not care about what the voters wanted.

If the commissioners do not strike this from the ballot, I encourage all voters to vote NO on proposition “O” and live within the law that has already been passed overwhelmingly.

Former commissioner, Ed Hoffman