Thank you to Good Samaritans

Just before noon on Monday, I tripped over the flip flops I was wearing and fell while coming out of the Post Office. My left elbow took the brunt of the fall and, immediately 5-7 people, Black and white, stopped to help me. A nurse made sure my head was not injured. A young man ran to his car and came back with bandages and tape to cover up my elbow. He also left a package of band-aids should I need them.

When he and a postal employee tried to pick me up, my feet started sliding. A young woman placed her tennis shoe in front of my feet to keep them from sliding. After I got up, she followed me to my pickup to make sure I didn’t fall again and also to make sure that there was someone at home to take care of me when I got there.

I did not get anyone’s name but wish to thank each and every one of you for helping in my time of need. God bless you!

P. A. Almquist