Sheriff should resign

I am calling for the resignation of Sheriff Tom McCool. This rape allegation by Deputy Valentine in Corsicana is just one of many shenanigans his department has been involved with. Beside the two deaths in his county jail, Mr. McCool has shown very little leadership over his deputy’s. Mr. McCool still operates his department in the 1970s “Good Ole Boy” model. Mr. McCool’s way of enforcing law has gone by the wayside. The days of being an uneducated, uniformed and technologically-ignorant as sheriff are long gone. Sheriff McCool needs to resign or be relieved of his command for incompetence, dereliction of duty and malfeasance. This latest incident of malfeasance concerning this rape charge by one of his deputies will cost the county millions of dollars from the upcoming lawsuit by the victim. When is enough enough? Harrison County and Marshall, Texas deserves better. We need an educated, tenured peace officer to take command of the sheriff’s department. It seems like every other month there is a negative allegation made by the citizens of Harrison County against the sheriff’s department. Our county is now in the local and national spotlight for law enforcement abuse against a helpless civilian. Enough is enough.

— Van Johnson, Marshall