Masks helps keeps you safe

I think your political cartoon for June 23 on Page 4A pretty much nailed it.

I am amazed to go into a retail establishment and see probably 90 percent of the customers not wearing facial covering.

I believe it does say a lot about their intelligence.

If it’s not stupidity, it’s even worse – they just don’t give a darn!

For anyone who didn’t see the cartoon, it showed a person correctly wearing a mask and equated that to a high IQ, a person wearing a mask but under their nose and equated that to a medium IQ, then the no-mask guy, obviously a low IQ.

I see folks all the time wearing a mask …. on their chin! Lots of protection there, right?

Walmart has one-way aisles in the grocery department with directional arrows to indicate which direction to shop. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should realize that is intended to keep customers from meeting face to face in the aisle with no possible way of observing the 6 ft guideline.

Come on people, just because restrictions have been relaxed a bit (for now) it does not mean we have this problem whipped!

I’ve heard people referring to masks and 6 foot distancing as government control to treat us like cattle. Yet most people observe traffic signs. Why? To keep us safe obviously. Do we feel like cattle because we can’t drive 75 mph through residential neighborhoods? It’s for our protection and the protection of our neighbors. Same with masks!

Michael Phillips, Marshall resident