Where is the COVID-19?

Has the coronavirus gone away? The short answer ... No! Summer is here, the state of Texas has lifted all shelter in place orders and we are more than ready to venture out and spread our wings to do normal activities.

We’re going out shopping at Walmart, Kroger, convenience stores, salons, social parties and barbecues because we are tired of being sheltered at home.

So now, we’re ignoring all safety measures intended to protect us from the coronavirus which is still in the pandemic stage. We’re failing to wear our masks while out among the people. We’re not social distancing and maybe we aren’t washing our hands as frequently as we should. We are now in denial that COVID-19 is still among us.

As of June 17, Harrison County has 270 confirmed cases, 26 deaths and 171 recoveries. The virus has not gone away!

Although testing is now available for us, many of us are not taking advantage of it. We need to get tested for the virus because it is a health issue and a deadly one. The test is a simple one.

However, for now, we should still 1) wear our masks or face coverings while in public settings, 2) social distance and 3) frequently wash our hands with soap and water.

There are promising indications that a vaccine is in the development stage. So, until that time comes, let’s all look out and take care of one another.

Has the coronavirus gone away? The short answer ... NO!

Leo Morris, New Town Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, Marshall