To the Editor

In December 2018 I was appointed to the Marshall Downtown Development Board. Other than the notice of my appointment I have had no contact from the City of Marshall, the Board Chair, nor any correspondence orienting me to the committee. My two calls to the city manager to request committee information have gone unheeded.

On inquiry a month ago with a city staff person because I did not want to miss the “annual meeting “ scheduled usually in January, I was told there would be no meeting and the committee likely will be dormant. I am sure the new City Manager could derive valuable input and assistance from such a committee as he proceeds with his proposed downtown development plans. Our committee has not been consulted, nor kept abreast of the very activities it is constituted to oversee.

Under the current law an annual meeting is required in January. In my experience, public projects, particularly in historically sensitive areas, require stakeholder participation and consultation in order to achieve successful and appropriate outcomes. This does prolong the roll-out but always achieves a better result.

The failure to engage in consultation with the Marshall Downtown Development Board and the Landmarks Committee, disregards the committees of the City of Marshall and the citizens fail to benefit from these useful tools.

Hilary Saunders

Architect (Urban Design)