Don’t miss out on a piece of Masonic history in Marshall

Although I live in Longview, I read The Marshall News-Messenger. I had heard that Marshall Masonic Lodge #22, chartered in 1845, is selling its present building which was built around the year 1911 (thus a 108 year old structure although the Lodge has met elsewhere in town since 1845).

Being a 5th generation Mason, and being a Mason myself nearly 38 years, I decided I had better hurry and go visit the historic Marshall Masonic Lodge # 22 located at 109 E. Rusk Street before the building is ‘sold’. I did so on Tuesday October 8, 2019. I was thoroughly welcomed and impressed with the beautiful woodwork of the Lodge Room where monthly meetings are held.

Here is the crucial timely news that is no secret which the public should know: the Lodge’s cornerstone located on the outside of the building at the northeast corner of the building is slated to be removed by a professional, the empty space will be “bricked-up” meaning the gap will be filled with new bricks. The Marshall Lodge plans to eventually take the old cornerstone (which is very heavy) to its new location, whenever that building is finished being built.

Thus, in just a few days from now, the cornerstone will be removed from the building’s wall and placed in temporary storage. It is urged that Masons, friends, guests (all the general public) are encouraged to come and watch the removal of the historic cornerstone and to take pictures of this unique moment with their cellphone cameras. I am uncertain if it will be October 18th or 19th, so it is best to contact the Lodge’s secretary by phone or check the Lodge’s “official” Facebook page. This is one unique event, that is almost a once in a lifetime event, since the cornerstone has been cemented into the building’s outer wall for roughly 108 years. Please take advantage of the moment, while you still can.

The Marshall Masonic Lodge #22 will be housed in temporary quarters until a new building is built (which may take a year to be accomplished), so the public should witness the continuing evolution as the local Marshall Masonic Lodge turns-a-new-page in its long and storied chapters of its history. Throughout its existence, various prominent Masons have spoken at the various Lodge halls, but most especially at this building that is now being sold. And even, myself, as I walked through those 108 year old doors, I mentally envisioned the thousands of other fine people who have entered through those doors, as I have done just recently.

I highly recommend that the public keep apprised of this event and well other events, once the new building is completed in about a year. However, the upcoming “cornerstone removal” event is only days please don’t miss it -- — “Save the Date”; check-it-out; and please take your own individual pictures for posterity and for your own family. I enjoyed my visit to Marshall Masonic Lodge #22 last Tuesday, the first person I greeted was the Lodge’s presiding officer, a nice young gentleman who is 33 years old. Although I am age 55 we both felt a unique fraternal friendship, instantly. So, again, come see the cornerstone being removed. It may be awhile before you see it placed in its new location, in the unknown future.

Sincerely, James A. Marples