Parking a concern for downtown

The citizens of Marshall should appreciate the Marshall News Messenger’s printing of information regarding plans and actions by the city manager and city council. There are so many things that would be not become public knowledge without the coverage. People should attend the city council meetings, but if they are like me they find the city hall to be the most inaccessible building in Marshall. The reason is questionable entrance points, very little parking and much of what is available is up and down hillsides. At night there is poor visibility and also a thought of safety.

Those are the reasons I have not attended. Those are some of the same issues that would result from the changes being considered with parking for the old renovated city hall. Why would anyone want to take away the current easily accessible parking spaces directly across from the building? Why would anyone want to destroy the work put into making the old county courthouse a wonderful city attraction? Millions of dollars and years of planning and work by dedicated citizens went into its renovation. The east and west side parking areas are a part of the renovation. They are balanced and add to the attraction of the building as well as providing a smooth flow of traffic and east parking. The building and its area are the “showcase of Marshall”.

Green space, etc. would be nice but not in the area being considered. Even if the old courthouse parking spaces were eliminated on the east side, folks would still have to be parking in church parking lots and up and down streets as currently happens.

Wilma DeSoto