Find a purpose

When I was growing up in south Louisiana, most people seemed to have a clear sense of purpose. They had a job or they were looking for work. Where I lived workers toiled in the rice fields or worked for an oil company. Others were shopkeepers or teachers. The only people who did not work were too old or sick.

Now fast forward to 2018 where multitudes of people seem to have lost their way when it comes to a job or sense of purpose. Some think about a dream job. Others live their lives vicariously through the success of media stars. That’s frustrating because most of us do not have the level of talent that pro-ball players or computer CEO’s have. In some cases we should be grateful that we are not media darlings.

One young woman made a career out of reinventing an incident that happened over twenty years ago. Motivational speakers tell us that if we’ll buy their DVD’s or go on a diet of spinach we’ll be happier and more fulfilled. The hardworking people I knew sixty years ago consumed common foods, eggs, beef, and whatever they took from their gardens. Far less pre-packaged products were eaten. You know the pretty boxes that contain thirty or more ingredients, some with names I haven’t heard since Mr. Allen’s twelfth grade chemistry class.

An Old Testament prophet named Elijah was being chased by an angry woman. He hid in a cave and told God repeatedly about his fear. The Creator told the prophet to eat something and take a nap ... sounds like my mother’s advice. When Elijah woke up he started complaining again. God answered his litany of complaints by telling him to anoint some fella as the new King. The remedy for his fear was to do a simple task that needed doing.

The cure for much of the sickness and anxiety in our culture today may be figuring out what we are supposed to accomplish and then set to doing the job, whether it is a paid job or not.

The late Karl Menninger.said, “If you feel like you’re having a nervous breakdown, go across the street and help somebody. Some clear sense of purpose may indeed be the cure for many emotional ailments.

Helping people is a job we can do even if we don’t have nine to five employment. A life with no earned income is unfortunate, a life without a sense of purpose is tragic.

Thad Carter


Touring season

I see that Bill and Hillary Clinton are kicking off a 13-city tour. Makes one wonder whether we should expect a Harvey Weinstein Tour next?

Sam Moseley