Marshall is a city with great potential

Just a follow-up on the Mobilize Marshall meeting June 1 at the junior high school.

The meeting was a great success, thanks to City Manager Mark Rohr and the city commission.

This is my opinion, although others may agree.

I am concerned about Marshall ... not so much about the growth, but about the quality of the city.

Marshall is not a wealthy city. In fact, it is near the lower end of per-capita earnings. What I care about is a better climate for all residents, both physically and financially.

We first need to recognize the problems we face. If we correct them, then the city will prosper and grow.

First, we need to clean up the litter and trash and refrain from adding to it.

Second, we need to fix up or tear down ramshackle structures that blight our town.

Third, we need to have good streets, water and sewer systems. That goes without saying.

I think this is a great beginning to improve our environment for all concerned. As we progress, we will attract more businesses and the city will prosper. That will create more employment and discretionary spending.

We now have new schools to be proud of and we must build on that. There are lots of good ideas and more to come from the meeting. We must make them a reality.

Marshall has great potential. Let’s work together to make it happen.

— Ed Hoffman, Marshall