Your feature article telling the story Gertrude Jenkins in Sunday’s News Messenger was outstanding. I remember Miss Gertrude during the years she was head custodian at William B. Travis School. She was a valuable and unforgettable “fixture” in what she referred to as “her school.”

In my administrative responsibilities for MISD I frequently observed Miss Gertrude as she carried out her janitorial duties at WBT. She was highly respected by the principal, teachers, students and parents alike. She was not only superb in her job of consistently maintaining the cleanliness of WBT, but also took responsibility for the behavior of the students in the areas where she would be working. The students had as much respect for Miss Gertrude as they did for anyone in the school. She was a great asset to Mr. T. J. Williamson, principal, and the teachers in maintaining an orderly atmosphere in the school and on the playground. Miss Gertrude didn’t hesitate to correct a student whose behavior was out of line. When she spoke they listened. Corrections were always firm, but kind. She loved the children in her school and they all knew it.

Miss Gertrude was a person who always went above and beyond the call of duty. She was a not only a very valuable asset to William B. Travis, but to MISD as well. I would place her among the top of the thousands of good employees I have known in MISD in my 38 years of employment in the district. Miss Gertrude has done her part in making Marshall, Harrison County and our country a better place in which to live. She is a model for all who have known her.

Again, thanks for your research efforts for your excellent feature on Gertrude Jenkins.

– Wendell E. Jones