Treat our seniors with respect

Let me start by saying that I do not live in Hallsville, my kids didn't go to school in Hallsville and I don't personally know anyone who attends the dances at Gold Hall, nor have I ever attended one myself. However, I am a resident of Harrison County and the decision made by our Commissioner's Court is unconscionable. There is no defense strong enough for treating the senior citizens of our county this way.

These are the people who built this county, community, etc. I'm sure there's at least one retired teacher, one retired law enforcement officer, one retired farmer/rancher and one veteran in this group. They taught our kids, fed our families and kept us safe for the entirety of their working lives. They've paid their taxes, shopped locally and contributed to our economy for many years. And this is how we repay them?? Unbelievable!!

No one has mentioned the cost for the improvements made to Gold Hall. I'm sure they were paid for with taxpayers' money. I would venture to guess that these senior citizens, or at least some of them, pay county taxes. Surely this amount, whatever it is, was included in the budget. If not, that's poor planning by the county and the commissioners.

The Commissioner's Court should rethink this decision. Raising the fee from $35.00 to $100.00 is totally ridiculous and outrageous. Most of these "dancers" live on Social Security and budget very carefully just to get by. And going to the dances may be the only social activity they're able to afford. Raising the fee, if it really must be raised at all, to $50.00 makes much more sense. And would allow the dances to continue and the senior citizens to keep on dancing.

The GoFundMe account is a great idea and I commend Heidi Hitt for making it happen. The petition is another great idea and Ms. Etta Mizell should be thanked for all her hard work. But - the citizens of Harrison County need to speak up. Call a commissioner. Better yet, call all of them and voice your opinion. Write a letter, talk to your friends - just do something. This is our county, our senior citizens and our Commissioner's Court. We're the ones who vote in this county and we are the ones who put them in office. If they refuse to listen to their constituents, we are also the ones who can remove them from office.

People of the Commissioner's Court, this is for you - do the right thing for the senior citizens of your county. Politics be damned - JUST DO THE RIGHT THING.

Shirley Long, Elysian Fields

Challenge potential imposters in nursing, other medical professions

This retired RN's reaction to a person posing as a RN is surprisingly emotional. The Webbs spoke of their emotional response, also. Ms. Webb nailed many warning signs of an unskilled practitioner.

Ms. Webb [a former patient of alleged nurse imposter Stephanie Garcia], as with many people with chronic illness, knows a lot about her problem as well as her specfic treatment and her response to those treatments.

I urge anyone to challenge a medical professional any time there are discrepancies in what is expected care.

Loved ones, be advocates. You are partners in caring for your partners illness and have special knowledge of what is important to your loved one. Advocate for yourself, and advocate for your loved one.

Richard Miller, Karnack