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Daylight Saving Time needs to go

Only one bill in the 87th legislature could possibly end time changes without offering something Texas can’t deliver — year-round Daylight Saving Time, by letting voters decide to go on year-round Standard Time; it is SJR13 by the Honorable Judith Zaffirini. The other six bills offer year-round DST which would be a violation of the Uniform Time Act. There would be no change and Texas would continue to Spring Forward and Fall Back.

Other states have passed bills for year-round DST but they can’t without a Congressional Amendment to the Uniform Time Act. Year-round DST is against the UTA and is not an option.

SJR 13 by Sen Zaffirini to allow voters to either 1) continue DST as it is or 2) abolish DST and stop time changes.

SB 471, SJR30, HB1405, and HJR78 by Senator Menéndez and Representative Larson would offer a vote for either year-round Daylight Saving Time or year-round Standard Time. If the voters chose year-round DST, we would still Spring Forward and Fall Back!

HJR 94 and HB 1896 by Rep Schofield to put Texas on year-round DST would change nothing and we would still Spring Forward and Fall Back!

“Permanent Standard Time is best for health, safety, kids, and workers. And it’s the quickest end to Daylight Saving Time clock change” states Jay Pea, Founder of Save Standard Time.

The loss of one hour springing forward causes government-induced jet lag, increased auto accidents, increased heart attacks and puts school bus students at greater risks.


Martha Habluetzel

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