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From first to last

In just 30 days under the radical, socialist liberal Democrats America has gone from first to last!

Why did this happen? It happened because responsible citizens of our nation allowed it to happen.

So, what do we do now? We know exactly who was behind this criminal act of fraud and how they got by with doing what they did. Our job as responsible citizens is to fix it!

We need to do three things:

n eliminate mail-in ballots

n eliminate absentee ballots

n eliminate computers from counting votes. (Using computers to count votes is like giving bank robbers the key to the bank).

And finally there is one other thing we must do — We must require all voters to come in person with proper identification to be able to vote — period!

We as responsible citizens must work together as a team and with God’s help we can get back on track!

Anyone not willing to work together as a team must be told to “shape up or ship out”! Our motto in the future will be “Less talk and more do!”


Keats Mullikin

II Chronicles 7:14


Wyndi Veigel is the editor of The Marshall News Messenger and a 2007 graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce. She has been a reporter, photographer, page designer and social media expert for several publications.