Our readers write

I am hoping that you might have a section of the newspaper to share my “thank you” to a very special Marshall fireman named Sam. Unfortunately, I do not know Sam’s last name or how to reach him.

On Thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I were walking in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. I missed a very high curb in the middle of Magazine Street, fell and injured myself badly — I dislocated my ankle and broke my leg. I was in a lot of distress when Sam and his friends came walking by me after their visit to the World War II Museum.

The timing couldn’t have been better. My husband had gone to get our car — thinking he could get me to a nearby hospital. But I was in far too much pain. Sam organized his friends, and they were able to move me, and Sam called 911 for an ambulance. When they didn’t come fast enough, Sam called a second time and stayed right by my side until they finally got there. It was a long wait, but Sam was very reassuring, and I remember him telling me he was a fireman in Marshall, Texas. I didn’t have the presence of mind to get his last name.

I am hoping that if you can print my thank you to Sam, he will see it and know how much I appreciate what he did for me. What a wonderful fellow — to stay and look after me til help came. It was the most painful and scary thing that’s ever happened to me. After being to surgery twice, I am finally on the road to recovery!

Thank you Sam!

— Marianne Frazee Snipes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana