Voting is very important to the fabric of society. For without voting, we the citizens have no control over the actions of our government. Politics over the past years has become bitter and mean spirited and that is no way to run a country. We, the people, determine the future of our society by voting or not voting. Sit at home and you have no rights or ability to complain in who was elected to serve you as your representative on any government level.

It’s your right, duty, an honor and privilege to vote. Thomas Jefferson said, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.” With early voting underway for the March 3 Primary and Election Day quickly approaching, learning about the candidates and who to vote for is an important part of casting a vote.

The right to vote in an American Democracy is one of the most beautiful displays of patriotism. It’s as American as apple pie and much more important. Since the beginning of the United States, U.S. citizens have bled and died to protect our right to vote. Yet many citizens do not take the time to go vote. Elections have been decided by one vote and the last Marshall city election, one of the commission seats was decided by 15 voters that chose to go to the polls. Your vote does matter and impacts the future of our federal, state and local decision makers and how our freedoms and values are determined for the elderly, our children and grandchildren.

As debates, questions, candidate profiles and discussions among our Editorial Board have occurred, the decision has been made to endorse the following candidates on a federal, state and county races, both for the Democrat and Republican races. If races were not opposed or a clear decision could not be reached with confidence on the endorsement, The Marshall News Messenger chose not to endorse.

Our endorsements include:

U.S. Senate:

John Cornyn (Rep)

MJ Hegar (Dem)

U.S. Representative District 1

Louie Gohmert District 1 (Rep)

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Ryan Sitton (Rep)

Chrysta Caslaneda (Dem)

Texas State Rep, District 9

Chris Paddie (Rep)

Harrison County Commissioner Precinct 1

William Hatfield

Harrison County Commissioner Precinct 3

Phillip Maudlin

Early voting is now currently underway, and Election Day is March 3. We urge you to go to the polls, if you have not already done so and vote for the candidates of your choice.