A hearty THUMBS UP for the many area residents who volunteered their time, donated to local charities and otherwise helped make sure no one was left out of Christmas joy, whether it was delivering hams to first responders or delivering Christmas gifts to children in need.

We also want to say THUMBS UP to Zelma Ward, an 85-year-old Marshall resident who goes all out on her Christmas decorations. Your Christmas joy is infectious to us all, and your home’s lights are a sight to see. We don’t envy your task of taking everything down after the holidays are over.

THUMBS DOWN to those responsible for the neglect and abuse of dogs at the former Dixie Humane Society. Animal rescue organizations are supposed to be a beacon of care and compassion for animals who cannot fend for themselves. We issue a THUMBS UP to volunteers for taking action to make things right and for the Marshall Animal Hospital, which helped many of those neglected dogs find their forever homes last weekend.

Anyone’s who has traveled down Interstate 20 through Louisiana knows it’s a situation worthy of a THUMBS DOWN: Traffic delays and an uptick in crashes have resulted since construction began on the Louisiana side of the border. But THUMBS UP to our Harrison County and state officials who have taken steps to lower the speed limit and hopefully lower the number of wrecks we’ll see while construction continues. We also issue a THUMBS DOWN because it turns out construction is going to be there through the majority of 2019. Though this year flew by; maybe 2019 will be the same?

THUMBS UP to the Marshall Economic Development Corporation for a recent grant that will help support Wiley College’s P.E. program and also help the school re-start its radio station. This is a wonderful investment in our community, and Wiley’s students will benefit immensely.

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