By Sam Smith

As I get older, I find myself spending more time reminiscing on the past than I do planning for the future. When I talk to folks my age, I find that is not unusual. Logical, I suppose, for we have many more years behind us than we have a head of us. Unless I live to be 146, I have lived well over half my life. As life spans go, I am on the downhill run. And that is fine with me. I have a good life, but I am headed for paradise.

After giving this more thought, it occurs to me that we never want to stop planning for the rest of our lives on earth. Regardless of the time remaining, we never want to stop looking forward to tomorrow. Many of us have grandchildren and other family members to spend time with and enjoy. We have Easters and Thanksgivings and Christmases and birthday parties to look forward to. As the old Elvis song stated, “I have a lot o’ living to do.”

Most importantly, as Christians we have the Lord’s work to do. There are many lost souls that need witnessing to, and God may have many of them assigned to us. There are homeless folks who need shelter, hungry folks who need food and despondent folks who need Christian love. We are never too old to supply someone’s needs, even if it simply companionship. We can dream about our futures in the Lord’s service.

There is nothing wrong with reminiscing, however. Remembering the good old times can help charge our spiritual batteries to help with the days ahead. We have made some beautiful memories in the past. There is no reason we cannot make more beautiful memories in the future. We can find a healthy balance between reminiscing on the past and dreaming for the future. Recalling God’s grace and mercy in our past will strengthen our faith for today and tomorrow.

All that said, the very best thing we can do is to make the most of today.

We can learn from the past, but we cannot relive those days. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Consider this quote, “Plan as if you will live forever, and live as though you will die tomorrow.” If we will add, “As God wills” to that phrase, it becomes a worthy statement.

May your memories remain sweetly in your heart, and may your dreams for the future be laced with God’s will. And may you enjoy to the fullest this day that the Lord has given you.

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” [Psalm 118:24]

—Dr. Sam Smith is the organizer of Butterfly Ministries and can be reached at