to the Marshall Lions Club for their donation to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office K9 campaign. The club presented Sheriff Tom McCool with a $5,000 donation at their meeting on Tuesday and were introduced to two of the dogs and their handlers. The goal of the HCSO is to have a dog for each of the department’s five patrol shifts, McCool said, and they currently have four of the five dogs desired. One of those dogs, Hank, is currently in training in Little Rock, Arkansas, with another one, Remi, set to head to training at the end of August.

to those who choose to take lives through the violence of mass shootings, such as that in an El Paso Walmart last weekend — too close to home for we Texans. Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming all too common and have cost too many lives. Whether through gun control or better treatment of the mentally ill, a solution is direly needed.

to local organizations and individuals who continue to help students and teachers obtain the school supplies needed for the upcoming school year. Marshall ISD’s “Pack the Bus” campaign has seen numerous donations and will host a huge supply gathering at Walmart today. A Harleton church has “adopted” the district’s junior high campus to provide supplies and the Marion County Fair Board has teamed up with local organizations for a supply giveaway today as well. Teachers across the state have set up wish lists online in order to obtain much-needed supplies. There are numerous ways the community can chip in.

to those litter bugs out there who toss trash out of their car window or do not utilize trash bins when putting out their trash. That trash often ends up in trees or in the yards of those unfortunate enough to live by major roadways. Uncontained bags of trash are susceptible to being torn into and strewn about by wild animals or stray dogs. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. There is no good reason to toss trash out of car windows. It can wait.

to city, county and state work crews and anyone who works outdoors in this summer heat. You are greatly appreciated. High temperatures are running in the high 90s these days and even low temps, in the high 70s, aren’t that low and don’t allow for a proper overnight cooldown, according to meteorologists. Anyone who works outside should take proper precautions — drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing.