to the Friends of Marshall Library for your free library book giveaway.

This town is full of a bunch of readers who are very happy to have curbside library services but want their library to fully reopen. In the meantime, it is terrific that the Friends of Marshall Library are able to give books away to eager readers. Also, thank you Marshall Library staff for coming up with a way for kids and adults to still have the Summer Reading Club through the curbside program.

to Marshall High School seniors. Congrats Mavericks Class of 2020! You made it.

Though it has been a long time coming, you finally got here. We hope the next chapter perhaps isn’t as difficult as the past three months have been on you guys.

A special thank you to all of the area school districts who fought, made plans, rearranged those plans, and then replanned the event to be able to give those students a graduation like they deserve.

to Marshall News Messenger Sales Executive Johnnie Fancher. Congrats on your retirement.

We really appreciate all you have done for the newspaper, the community and the businesses. You will be missed.

to everyone fighting with one another. What happened to the love for our fellow neighbors?

It’s certainly OK to have opinions and disagree but let’s all relearn how to do it respectfully. It is also acceptable just to walk away from someone whose opinion you don’t agree with. This also applies to social media.

to Cajun Tex and UpliftETX. You guys really rock! Thank you for doing the fans and cans event.

Cajun Tex Hallsville, we see you and will be up for a rematch any time you want.

to Marshall Against Violence. Thank you for collecting can goods for Mission Marshall at the recent protest. We know it is greatly appreciated.

to all the protesters for keeping things peaceful at all of the local protests while exercising your First Amendment rights.