to the city of Marshall for doing an excellent job keeping the streets and sidewalks clean and manicured. We know it isn’t easy in this heat, but it is noticed and appreciated.

to summer heat and humidity. We knew you would be back sooner or later, but couldn’t you have waited just a little while longer?

to the protesters who have done nothing but have peaceful protests in the city of Marshall. Thank you for exercising your First Amendment rights while respecting others’ property and belongings.

to the already active hurricane season. It’s the 6th of June and already you are causing issues and stress to the coastal areas. Stop it please!

to the Harrison County Grand Jury. While crimes against children, sex crimes and the like is definitely a double thumbs down, we are giving the Grand Jury a thumbs up for taking the step in the legal system of indicting on these types of crimes. Thank you also for giving up your time to serve on the Grand Jury. The community appreciates your service and so do we!

to the counties being a recipient of the CARES act. Harrison County was able to receive at least $360,000 to aid in responses to the virus while Marion County is able to receive at least $85,000. Thank you to our counties for making sure that we got this coronavirus relief grants.

to UpliftETX for your continued help for the community and for Mission Marshall.

to Marshall Manor for being certified COVID free! Congrats!