to all those taking Gov. Abbott’s mask requirement seriously. Thank you for potentially helping stop the spread of the coronavirus and thinking about others.

to the Harrison County GOP. Censuring Gov. Greg Abbott, for putting requirements in place that will potentially save lives, may be one of the dumbest things we’ve seen in a while. If anything, requiring masks should have been done sooner. In our opinion, this is not the time for a local GOP party to call out their own governor for trying to protect the public.

to local law enforcement to responding to rumors and making sure there was a heavy police presence in downtown surrounding the Confederate statue and this week’s commissioners court meeting. We appreciate you all and felt a little bit safer knowing you were there.

to those who are making threats online over a difference of opinions. Grow up. There is no need to threaten someone who doesn’t agree with you, simply walk away or in the case of online, keep scrolling. We are all adults and should act like it.

to Marshall ISD and other area school districts who are helping families out by providing school supplies this year. We know all of the families will appreciate both the money they will save and the time they would have spent shopping.

to City Manager Mark Rohr for saying the Lady Bird Garden part of Mobilize Marshall is on hold. The proposed garden area is not owned by the city, so how can the project be on hold? The property is owned by Jerry and Judy Cargill and Richard and Christina Anderson. Christina is currently working on funding and planning details for the garden.

to all of the school districts who are working to implement TEA requirements to the best of their abilities for the upcoming year. We know this isn’t easy and that you are doing the best you can in unprecedented times. Thank you for implementing options for parents and students.