As early voting begins, we submit our selection of candidates for the Harrison County elections and beyond.

For County Judge — Chad Sims

Chad Sims deserved the opportunity to be elected Harrison County Judge. He is local boy that has done well. Sims has proved his understanding of business in the private sector as an oilfield company manager, going on to serve the public as an active member of the MEDCO Board and helping to bring industries to Harrison County. As a former Harrison County Republican Party Chair, he is the conservative choice for Harrison County Judge.

For County Treasurer — Sherry Rushing

Though there are two strong candidates for the treasurer race, by serving the County Treasurer office for 10 years, Rushing sets herself apart, making herself our choice for treasurer.

For County Commissioner, Precinct #2 — — Both are quality candidates and will do a good job as County Commissioner.

For the Harleton School District Bond – Vote Yes

The Harleton School District needs to be updated to the 21st century and a yes vote will go a long way to accomplishing that goal.

For US Senator --Ted Cruz

The Texas US Senator election has rightly generated national attention: Beto O’Rourke has run a great campaign, setting himself up to be the national poster child for a potential Blue Wave for Texas. But, O’Rourke remains too far to the left for most Texans and that includes us. Cruz is a strong conservative, pro-gun and supports reworking Obamacare that would help families afford their insurance coverage. We don’t agree with Ted Cruz on everything, but he is our clear choice for US Senator.

For US Rep — Louie Gohmert

Gohmert has the background as a former Judge in addition to being pro-life, and for appointing conservative judges and border security. Gohmert has the seniority to be effective for Texas and is our consservative choice for US Rep.

For Governor — Greg Abbott

Abbott has done a good job and deserves another term. He has been steady and lets the public know where he stands on the issues; he has the best interest of Texan at heart.

For Lt Governor — Mike Collier

Dan Patrick is so far to the right with his desire for school vouchers and other ideas that do not benefit Texas; we cannot support him. Texas House Speaker Joe Straus is the only reason we do not have some of his ideas in place as laws. Mike Collier deserves an opportunity as Lt. Governor

For Attorney General — Justin Nelson

Anytime a public official is under indictment as long as Ken Paxton has been, it is time to elect a new office holder and Nelson is that person.

Other statewide candidates that we endorse.

For Comptroller — Glenn Hegar

For Commissioner of Public Accounts — George P. Bush

For Commissioner of Agriculture — Sid Miller

For Railroad Commissioner — Christi Craddick

Other Harrison County candidates with no opposition. Reid McCain and Liz Whipkey with serve as new elected public officials and the other candidates will serve additional terms in office. Each is a quality candidate.

For State Rep, District 8 Chris Paddie

For District Attorney Reid McCain

For County Court-at-Law Joe Black

For District Clerk Sherry Griffis

For County Clerk Liz Whipkey

Justice of the Peace, Pr #1 Megan Pinson

Justice of the Peace, Pr #2 Clarice Watkins

Justice of the Peace, Pr #3 R Michael Smith

County Commissioner, Pr #4 Jay Ebarb