In November 1870, a community of people along FM 1917 north of Marshall gathering on a parcel of land owned by Rufus and Charlotte Woods with the intent of forming a new church in Harrison County. The group originally worshiped in an arbor constructed on the site.

Two ministers originally organized services there, Reverend James Hale, and Reverend William Massey. William Massey was given the honor of having the congregation named after him. Macedonia. A wood frame church was later built to house services for Macedonia Baptist Church., and land was also set aside for a church cemetery.

In 1939, a cornerstone was laid for a new brick church after Rufus and Charlotte’s son Milton Woods, Sr. donated seven acres to the community to build a new church and two-story schoolhouse.

The schoolhouse structure served as a church, office, cafeteria, and vacation Bible school. Classes were held upstairs; all other activities were held on the first floor. While the school building no longer exists, the brick church remains, and the congregation has been in continuous service to the community since then.

In 1965 under the pastorship of Reverend N. D. George the present brick structure was built.

Since that time, the church has been fortunate to have had the service of 29 ministers, who made tremendous contributions, some served twice .Reverend M. C. Jennings served from 1972 to November 1982. Under his leadership, tile was laid on the kitchen floor, sink and a wall cabinet, security doors were installed, 8 candidates were baptized.

Reverend J. D. Palmer was the pastor from Oct. 29, 1982 to Oct. 28, 1984. Under his leadership the church went to two services a month, a new piano, new roof, and new air conditioner units were installed.

Reverend A. O. Carroll pastored from July 1985 to December 1987. Under his leadership the church went full time service, and the first PA system was installed, and five were candidate were baptized.

Reverend Ezekiel Wright as pastor from Oct. 17, 1987 to Oct. 22, 1989, and under his leadership stain glass windows were installed. Dr. Reverend Gabriel Taylor pastored from May 5, 1990 to September 1990.

Reverend Patrick Turner served as pastor from September 1919 to March 29, 1992, and under his leadership Vacation Bible school was organized, and 17 were baptized.

Reverend Donald Beck became the pastor from June 28, 1992 to June 1993.

Reverend Dwayne Taylor became pastor from Sept. 5, 1999 to June 8, 2000, and under his leadership carpet was install in the sanctuary, a church van was purchased, cushions was installed on the pews, hot water heater was donated, a new air condition unit was installed, a bathroom was added to the front of the church, donated by Sister Eulah McNeice, a new kitchen range was donated by Deacon Solomon Banks, Sr., and five members was baptized.

Reverend Derrick Thomas served as pastor from June 8, 2000 to Feb. 8, 2004, and under his leadership the following were donated by members of the church, a key board, P. A. monitor, a refrigerator was donated by R. L. Smith, a ramp in the front of the church was donated by Sister Eulah McNeice. P. A. System was upgraded, four new members joined the church by Christian experience.

Reverend Patrick Johnson became pastor from June 8, 2004 to Oct. 9, 2005, and under his leadership the church was painted with a donation by Sister Eulah McNeice.

Reverend Madero Hilburn became pastor from March 11, 2006 to Jan. 7, 2010, and under his leadership a new roof, air conditioner was donated by Sister Olivia Thomas, church t-shirts, the parking lot was upgraded, a church van was donated by Brother R.L. Smith, security cameras, new carpet in two rooms, and the fellowship hall was named Hattie Tillis Fellowship Hall. Thirteen children were baptized and three joined by Christian experience.

Reverend Jeffrey Norman became the pastor from August 3, 2010 to November 3, 2019, and under his leadership three deacons were ordained, the church steeple was painted, braker box was upgraded, a hot water heater was installed, a new air conditioner was installed in the Hattie Tillis Fellowship Hall donated by Sister Lillian Banks, Sister Natalie Parker was license to the ministry, wood boards around the roof was painted which was donated by Deacon Sister Linda and Deacon Earl Scott, 29 were baptized and three by Christian experience.

The Macedonia Church Community since its inception 150 years ago has seen its population grow to higher heights. Some Macedonians have gone on to become teachers, lawyers, doctors, social workers nurses, medical assistants, cosmetologists, secretaries, principals, clerical workers, radio and TV personalities, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

In their vision 150 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Woods, Sr. saw the need for a church, a school, and a cemetery for the community in which they lived until their deaths The legacy of Milton and Octavia Woods, Sr. will live on for a lifetime in the Memory of their children and the Macedonia Community. They knew then that it takes a village.

Some of the families who made up that village were: Banks, Brown Campbell, Davis, Else, Floyd, Gooch, Haggerty, Harris, Hampton, Haynes, Hurd, Jackson, James, Jones Kates, Lane, Moore, McGregor, McCoy, Nixon, O’Gilvie, Rines, Scott, Silmon, Smith, Stephens, Thomas, Turner, Thompson, Tillis, Walker, Waters, Wheeler, Wilder, Woods, Watson, Williams and Wilborn.

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