The Footprints in the Sand Foundation is offering thanks after a group of volunteers worked to beautify the Carthage park recently.

Pastor David Baze of Faith Assembly of God, as well as Isaiah 58 men Donnie Foxworth, David Gilliland, James Owens and Michael Wallace helped set up scaffolding and then cleaned the Footprints in the Sand statue and applied protective wax. The footprints’ path were cleaned. Gene Giles also power washed the Pippen Memorial Park wall.

Lery Juarez, Margarita Guerrero, Esmeralda Juarez and family members donated plants and landscaped needed areas. The Panola County Master Gardeners have been instrumental in designing colorful footprints leading to the pavilion.

The park is available to anyone for open air events. Call Theresa Dennard at Carthage City Hall or Brenda Giles at (903) 692-3378. The Footprints in the Sand Foundation asks people to schedule arrangements ahead of time.