CARTHAGE — Carthage’s Footprints in the Sand monument received a poem in its honor and new landscaping around the pavilion area, volunteers said.

Dona Julian Cassel, a Tyler poet who found inspiration while visiting the monument, has written a poem for the Carthage park:

O Beautiful Bronze Statue!

A testament of God’s love!

Man is weak and needs rescue

To be lifted by faith from above.

This man’s eyes are pleading!

His shoe dangles in the air!

While Christ is striding forward

Cradling this soul with tender care.

Step into embedded footprints.

Sometimes one set, sometimes two.

Reflect on those times in your life,

When this could have been you.

Feel God’s presence surround this site.

Come! Pray at this peaceful place.

Appreciate the artist’s divine insight,

For in bronze, he sculpted God’s Grace.

A new landscape

Grass and landscaping was placed around the park’s new pavilion, thanks to the Master Gardeners of Panola County. Volunteers from Isaiah 58 Farms, the Panola College Rodeo Team and the Gary High School agriculture class helped with the clean-up.