“Good news gives health to the bones.” [Proverbs 15:30]

“Nobody was assassinated in the whole Third World today And in the streets of Ireland, all the children had to do was play And everybody loves everybody in the good old USA We sure could use a little good news today” “Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town Nobody O.D.’ed, nobody burned a single buildin’ down Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain We sure could use a little good news today”

Some of you “older” folks will remember these lyrics from Anne Murrays’ song. It was a big hit, probably because everybody liked the message, “We sure could use a little good news today.” If Anne thought the news was bad in those days, imagine how she would feel today. I remember singing along with the tune when it came out, thinking,” Right on, we sure could stand some good news.” That was in 1983. There were some scary times in the 80”s, but those times were smooth compared to these days.

Today, 36 years later, a new verse to the song might say: [I hope the writer won’t mind my adding a few lines.]

“Nobody was expelled from school for praying to the Lord

Nobody sued their neighbor ‘cause they had a cross in their front yard

Nobody quoted scripture and got locked up behind bars

We sure could use a little good news today”

The good news we need the most today is “The Good News”, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We need news reports that answer each and every bad story with “What Would Jesus Do?” and assurance that God is in control. We need to hear on major media about divine forgiveness, unconditional love, hope and eternal life, all offered through Jesus Christ.

Sure, we are at war with terrorism. Yes, the economy is bad. Greed runs rampant in our government and corporate world. But those are all institutions of men – of the world. We have a God who is above all that. We have a Savior who offers all who will follow Him freedom and hope and peace of mind. We have a guide- book that tells us that good and righteousness win in the end. We have read the last chapter. Bad news? Shoot, it is just temporary stuff. We know the Good News, and we must spread the Word.

Add this verse to the song:

“Somebody gave a helping hand and went the extra mile

Somebody fed a hungry child and made the lonely smile

Somebody gave their heart to God and now their life’s worthwhile

Jesus is the good news we all can use today”

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people” [Luke 2:10]

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” [Mark 16:15]

—Dr. Sam Smith is the organizer of Butterfly Ministries and can be reached at ssmithkate@aol.com.