Spiritual renewal and revival are essential but how do we know how to respond? Well, we all need revival, but sometimes that demand is greater than we even understand. While researching for a sermon, this writer came across the following list on a blog called WWW.halffullandoverflowing.com. This is a list of the top ten signs you need revival.

1. Your Bible has sat unopened since the last time you went to church.

2. You regularly make excuses for missing church—fatigue, disinterest in the current sermon series, a game on TV, or the kids acting up.

3. You are one person when at church and completely different when other places.

4. You have a limited prayer life.

5. The most significant people in your life do not share your faith.

6. No one among your friends, loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances disparage you for your faith.

7. You compartmentalized your thoughts to decrease the discomfort you feel about flagrant, ongoing sin in your life.

8. You are more concerned about the events of your life than the things of the Lord.

9. Shock and heartbreak over sin has ceased in your life.

10. Deep down, you are miserable.

Revelation 3:16 says, “So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” God does not want our churches lukewarm, or our lives. We cannot hide our condition from Him—He knows us better than we do ourselves!

Heritage Baptist Church in Jefferson begins revival this Sunday, Sept. 27. The meeting runs through Wednesday. Evangelist Adrian Burden is from North Carolina, and this will be the second meeting he has done at Heritage. This African-American international evangelist is greatly used of God all over the world. He speaks bravely on difficult subjects facing our culture, and you can find more about him at WWW.burdenministries.com.

If you need a touch of revival, join us this week!

Pastor Seth Buckner is the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, in Jefferson. He can be reached via email at pastorseth@hopeatheritage.com.