Nathan Hague

It’s crazy what has gone on in DC huh?

I get that the Washington Football Team (still have been unable to break the habit of calling the squad by its former name) won the NFC East but I think the team with the better record should the team to host the matchup and yes, I would have said the same thing if the Cowboys were in it. Tampa Bay entered Saturday night’s game with an 11-5 record while Washington was 7-9. Think about that – a losing record. It’s just crazy to me to think this game took place in DC and not in Tampa.

Nonetheless, that game between Washington and Tampa Bay was the third of three playoff games played on Saturday and we’ve got another three today, three that should be extremely entertaining with several great storylines.

Today’s action kicks off with Baltimore at Tennessee. Both teams are 11-5. I find this matchup extremely intriguing. Titans running back Derrick Henry joined an elite group that has rushed for over 2,000 yards in a season, making his team the No. 2 rushing team in the league. The No. 1 rushing team? The Ravens. I love a good old-school, pound-the-ball and control-the-clock game and this one should be just that. The Titans have the third-ranked offense and the Ravens have the seventh-ranked defense while Baltimore’s offense is ranked 19th against a 28th-ranked defense in Tennessee. This is one of those games where you can really just flip a coin to make your prediction but thankfully, there will be too much action involved on the field to decide with a boring coin flip. That being said, for no particular reason other than the home-field advantage, I’m taking the Titans.

As far as matchups are concerned, I’m more excited about watching that Titans and Ravens game than I am the Bears at the Saints. These aren’t your ‘85 Bears and pulling out a win in the Big Easy will be anything but easy for Chicago. One thing that stands out to me about these two teams is New Orleans’ defense. Normally its offense gets the most attention, led by Drew Brees who has broken just about every quarterback record possible but the other side of the ball is ranked No. 4 overall. I’m just not convinced Mitchell Trubisky and company can get the job done.

One of the craziest things about 2020 was the fact that the Browns played so well, well enough to go 11-5 and be in the playoffs against division rivals Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m sure things are heated between the bordering states of Ohio and Pennsylvania and this game should have a lot to offer. The Steelers were the last team to lose and suddenly dropped three straight. Pittsburgh got back into the winning column with a victory over the Colts before meeting up with Cleveland in Week 17 where the Browns came out victorious 24-22, and just a week later, the teams meet again. Part of me is rooting for Cleveland because of how long it’s been since the Browns have been good. Cleveland enters the contest with the No.3 rushing team in the league but my prediction is the Steelers and their No. 3 ranked defense will punch their ticket to the next round.

Regardless of what happens in today’s three games, there’s a lot in store for the rest of the playoffs.

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