One week of practice is officially in the books for many schools around Texas, including a few Harrison County teams.

“It’s probably the best first week we’ve had, at least in a long time,” Elysian Fields athletic director and head football coach Scott Ford said. “All of our nucleus is here. Everybody is in shape, did well on their conditioning test and we’ll take that test again on Monday to see how much we’ve improved. We just want to make sure we’re the best conditioned team Week 1 when we go to White Oak.”

“It’s been going good,” Waskom athletic director and head football coach Whitney Keeling offered. “We’ve got good numbers out. The kids are working hard. We’re trying to piece things together and put kids in the right places right now. That’s the focus so far.”

Kyle Little, who just entered his first week as Harleton’s athletic director and head football coach said he’s also pleased with the turnout so far and that his squad is working hard.

“Not necessarily surprises but I saw some things that confirmed what I thought,” Little said when asked if there were any surprises from the first week. “Hunter Wallace is a really good athlete. Henry Gage has worked really hard all summer long and he’s looking really good out there right now. Nolan Wisdom, he was on JV last year and moved up to varsity this year, he’s put in a lot of work over the summer and he’s looking really good. He had a really good first few days. Cole Ring is looking very good at linebacker and running back. All the coaches are very impressed with him. He’s flying around and making big plays. Everyone is looking good right now. They’re flying around. I’ve been really, really impressed with the level of effort that the kids are putting out.”

Ford said the turnout for his team has been higher this year than it was a year ago.

“When school starts, we should have about 55 total,” he said. “That’s pretty standard. We didn’t have that many last year but the great thing is we’re going to have about 55 but we’ve only got about five seniors. My five seniors are super talented, probably the best players we’ve got but at the same time, a lot of kids are getting experience this year that I think will pay off down the line too.”

“I’ve been encouraged by the fact that they’re picking up on the terminology a lot faster than what I anticipated,” Keeling said of his Wildcats. “We’re playing with so many young kids. A lot of times, it’s the knowledge part of it more than it is their abilities. So it seems like they’re paying attention to what the coaches are saying and learning. Like I said, that’s really been the focal point so far to piece it together to find the right 22 guys.”