East Texans are accustomed to summer heat.

High 90’s are just a thing we have to accept. Triple digits are common in our neck of the woods this time of year so most bass fishing activity is limited to the cooler times of day. The bass still bite during the scorching summer days but the cost is weighed in sweat.

A way to beat the heat (for the most part) is to fish after dark. Night fishing has grown in popularity over the years and seems to still be growing. Many area lakes host small get-togethers on a given weeknight for a little friendly tournament.

Most run for 3-4 hours and its fun way to spend a week night. With the full moon coming up Friday look for all are lakes to be a little busier.

The full moon holds a high place in many angling philosophies and practices. There are multiple moon phase charts with good, better and best times to fish. My belief is the moon phase seems to have “some” effect but not enough to matter. I have done terrible on a beautiful moonlit night and had awesome results on others.

The old adage of “the best time to go is when you can” works best for me. The full moon definitely benefits the angler. The full moon will allow anglers to see and maneuver much better on the lake and after your eyes have adjusted, our vision is surprisingly good.

With or without the moon, lets talk about baits and tactics. Stay basic and use help. The following is a simple strategy that should put a few more nocturnal bass in your boat.

The help in this case is scent and noise. Berkeley power baits are a must and adding rattles, additional scent and anything that will help make your bait easier to find. A buzzbait with a clicker at night can be deadly on night bass so keep this in mind. Night fishing with a buzzbait is an exercise in anxiety, imagine a calm lake, quiet night nature sounds interrupted by a largemouth blasting your buzzer.

A single Colorado blade spinner bait is another tried and true night bait and will definitely shine on some nights. The single blade displacing water as it rotates and the thump it produces will draw some solid strikes. I will put a power bait trailer on the spinner to add some bulk and add scent.

Colors are also simple. Black, Black and Blue and Blue Fleck are where I would stay. Any color or combination that you have confidence in is what you should stick with.

There are as many ways to catch bass at night as there is in daylight but these three baits will connect you with, shallow, midrange and deeper fish. Use your navigational lights and watch for recreational boaters.

Be safe and try some night bassing for yourself.

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