Open up your 2019 Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine to page 390. Now if you look at the far left column, second from the bottom, you’ll notice the record holder for most receptions in a single season is Jason Bird of Lake Travis, with 153 catches in 2007.

That’s the same Jason Bird who is going on his seventh straight season as a coach for the Marshall Mavericks.

Bird has jumped around between running backs coach and receivers coach and this year he has been promoted to the team’s passing game coordinator.

“I’m very prepared,” Bird said of his new position. “All I do is the passing game, so it’s all I know basically.”

Even though a good chunk of the coaching staff has changed, Bird says his expectations have not.

“The expectations are going to stay the same,” Bird said. “We’re going to win. Our goal is to win the last game of the season and that will always be the way your mindset works no matter who the coaches are.”

If you look back at his record, you’ll see the next two closest are 138 and 135, both set in 2014.

“It’s something you don’t really have a goal for,” Bird explained. “You don’t go out and try to make the most catches but I think it says something about you when you can hold that record for how long it’s been held. It’s pretty special.”

He added he hopes to continue holding it for as long as possible.

“I think I’d be lying if I said I wanted it broken but I think it says something to where we started at Lake Travis and what Lake Travis turned into,” he offered.

Holding a record he does for as long as he has can help his players buy into what he’s telling them.

“As long as I can tell them that, their ears will perk up and they’ll listen to the techniques I’m teaching and how to do it the right way,” Bird said.