Hallsville offensive and defensive linemen practice going head-to-head during practice Monday.

Hallsville’s football team had spring ball and got started with football this past week and head coach Joe Drennon said so far, so good.

“It’s going well,” Drennon offered. “Our kids are recalling things really well from the spring, our older kids, our varsity kids. Our younger kids are doing well. They’re just a bit behind on some stuff. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with everything. I’m just a little concerned about the number of days we’ve got to practice before school starts. We’re fixing to be right on top of it real quick. I think somewhere around 80 with varsity and JV together.”

Today will be the first day of school for Hallsville, which means the Bobcats will be back on the field in the evening.

“That first session was really good,” Drennon continued. “The second session wasn’t bad. It got a little bit warmer but overall, what I’m concerned about is tomorrow afternoon at 4. If we had a week under us before we got to the 4 p.m. weather, I’d feel better about things but we’re not in the shape we need to be in right now and we’re fixing to be out there at 4 p.m. every day. It’s going to be kind of rough. We’re going to have to make sure we watch and take care of them. I’m looking at my temperature gauge right now as we’re talking and it’s 103. That’s hot and the field is probably more like 109 or 110 I’d imagine. So we’ve got to be careful and take care of them, which we will. It’s not our first time doing it but at the same time, we don’t want to get a kid overheated.”