buchanan photo

Marshall batter Chloe Buchanan runs to first base after making contact with the ball.

If the UIL allows the softball season to resume after May 4, Marshall senior catcher Chloe Buchanan said she and her Lady Mavs will be ready.

“There’s still a chance, we’re hopeful about it,” Buchanan said. “It’s going to be great (if it happens). We’re all going to be ready, definitely. We all want to be out there, for sure.”

The Lady Mavs were 17-6 overall and 1-1 in district play before they found out via the UIL Twitter page that their season would at least be cut short.

“I was very disappointed because I knew we’d have a really good run this year,” she said.

Buchanan had played 21 of her team’s 23 games where she had a batting average of .442, an on-base-percentage of .491, 32 hits, six RBI and 12 runs.

This is the second straight year Buchanan’s season has been cut short as her junior year last year was cut short due to a knee injury.

“Chloe has been my catcher for four years,” Marshall head softball coach Alli Shepperd said. “Her last two years, she’s played a few other positions but she’s always caught. Those have just been bonus positions to give her legs a break or when she returned from her knee injury last season, she played some third base to kind of transition back into playing without going full force into catching.

“She’s always been a very hard worker. She likes to learn new things. She likes to get better, which is not necessarily uncommon but difficult to find in that age group. When they come to us as freshmen, they think they’re as good as they’re going to get, no need to learn anything but Chloe was always ready to learn something new and get better every single day.

“It’s very difficult for her I’m sure,” Shepperd said. “It’s difficult for all of them but the rest of the seniors got to play their full season last year. I think it definitely hurts her a little extra because she didn’t get as much play time last year as she would have if she hadn’t been injured.”

Buchanan said she’s trying to stay positive.

“Even through adversity, all you can do is push through and do your best every time because in the end, what you’re going to remember is that you did your best out there, not the play, not the mistakes or anything but that you had fun and that you were there for your girls and that you did your best. You can’t focus on the negative.”

As a senior, Buchanan has taken on a larger leadership role.

“She’s much more vocal this year,” Shepperd said. “That was something we had been working on since she was a freshman. It’s hard to be a catcher and not be vocal but then you have so many of them who are afraid they’re going to say the wrong thing and they’re going to tell somebody to do something and something bad is going to happen, or whatever the case may be, so to get that doubt out of their minds and give them that confidence to kind of quarterback their defense, it takes some time but she was there this year, doing a fantastic job of leading and communicating and she found a way in probably some of the most negative situations, which we didn’t have a lot of this year because we were on a roll, but she would be able to remain that positive teammate, even in a tough situation and that’s hard.”

All in all, if the season returns, Buchanan will look to help her Lady Mavs teammates pick up where they left off.

“Oh, I’m ready,” Buchanan said. “Any moment they tell us, I’ll be out there.”