Wiley Track

Lamark Carter was named head coach of Wiley College’s cross country and track and field teams Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon marked the beginning of a new era at Wiley College with the introduction of Lamark Carter as its new cross country and track and field head coach.

He will coach both the men’s and women’s teams. Carter will take over for Marlon Baugh who coached the Wildcats for four years.

“He was the perfect match,” Wiley athletic director Brandon Dumas said of Carter. “We’ve had a very successful program, coming fresh off a national championship season and coach Carter embodied every positive trait that I saw as the next leader of this track and field program.

“He holds Christian values. He has a commitment to winning as well as excellence on and off the track and he has a commitment to keeping our students focused. The main thing is they’re student athletes, students first and I saw everything that I had envisioned represented coach Carter.

“From the moment we first spoke, I knew that he was the right person to take on the leadership and take this team to the next level.”

Carter said he hopes to help the program continue to achieve the same success.

“We want to continue to be competitive and win conference,” Carter said. “They’re coming off a national championship. You can’t get much higher so we just want to continue moving forward and do the right things to help our students move forward.”

This will be Carter’s first college head coaching job but was head coach at Byrd High School in Shreveport.

“It’s close to home,” Carter added. “It’s not really any problem for me to move and the athletes here are excellent. They’re doing fine. It’s a change going from one coach to another and learning their techniques.”

Carter participated in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Prior to that, he attended Northwestern State where he was a silver medalist in the 1999 International Associates of Athletes World Indoor Championships as well as the Pan American Games. He has won three national championships at the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

Dumas said the school received more than 20 applicants for the job.

“It was a very short turnaround and of course, there was interest considering the national championship and I think we’ve done well for Wiley, for our program and certainly for our students by hiring coach Carter,” he added. “He represents what we see as the future of this institution.”