Marshall football

Marshall’s Terrell Davis and Brayden Robbins make a tackle during Friday night’s game at Whitehouse.

Hours after watching Marshall fall short to Whitehouse, the Marshall News Messenger caught up with Marshall High School head football coach Jake Griedl to discuss the Mavericks’ loss.

MNM: Again, what do you chalk this one up to?

JG: We made some early mistakes and they were able to capitalize on them. By the time we got going, we ran out of time. We didn’t have enough time left. We didn’t stop fighting. The defense played really good football, gave up 7 points all night. The offense gave up 21 points with a pick, a fumble in the end zone and a fumble on the six-yard line. We’ve got to do better than that. At the end of the day, when we play a good team, we can’t shoot ourselves in the football like that. We’re really proud of our kids how they gave us a chance to come back and win in the end and we just ran a few minutes short.

MNM: You made a run in the fourth quarter. Why do you think it took so long to be as productive as you were in that final quarter?

JG: We made some big plays in the fourth quarter which kind of created a spark on both sides of the ball. Once we had that momentum going, we capitalized on some things but again, when you play good teams, you can’t wait that late to act.

MNM: You touched on it a little bit but what are some positives you can take from it?

JG: I think our defense played really, really well against an offense that’s averaging 20 points a game. I know they had 30 on the scoreboard but again, they had one big pass play on us for a touchdown and everything else was self-inflicted on the offensive side of the ball. So our defense played really, really well and when our offense was quicken, we executed, played well and looked good. We gave ourselves a chance to win that game at the end but just ran out of time.

MNM: What adjustments did you make at halftime?

JG: We made some adjustments up front with the offensive line, just kind of changing some of our blocking schemes to capitalize on what they were doing to us and obviously those worked. Then we came out and scored on two plays. I felt like we ran the ball well in the second half. We did some good things in the second half. Defensively, there weren’t too many adjustments, just a few alignment things just because they were playing so well in terms of getting them off the field and forcing some punts and what not but again, we just ran out of time there in the end.

MNM: Are you pleased with the change you made at center?

JG: There were a lot of positives that happened at that position. We’ve got to clean some things up but sure, yes, there were some good things that came out of that.

MNM: What’s the most important thing to work on this week?

JG: We’ve got to play a four-quarter-football game.

MNM: If you had to pick a player of the week, who would you say it would be?

JG: Just from watching it a little bit this morning, I would say probably A’Derrian Brooks with the interception on a defense and a big touchdown late in the game on offense. I thought he played a pretty good football.

MNM: Obviously right now you’re fighting for a playoff spot. What do you have to do next week to get that win?

JG: I know this, I haven’t watched much of Mount Pleasant but from what I’ve seen, we’ve got to be big good up front. They’re very athletic and big up front. They’re an athletic football team. We’re going to have to play a four-quarter0football game, that’s for sure.

MNM: Is there any extra pressure that comes with winning your homecoming game?

JG: There’s an extra pressure knowing that we’ve got to win to be in, homecoming or not.