In last week’s column, I posed the question as to who would be most deserving to be on the Mount Rushmore of Texas sports if there was one and stated that Tom Landry and Nolan Ryan would be shoe-ins. Those two were easy and you’ll find little debate on them.

In 2015, I bought a year subscription to despite the blackouts that prevented me from watching the Rangers until 90 minutes after the final out, but it was well worth it for another reason – I got to hear the voice of Vin Scully calling the games.

I love the concept of an all-star game. It’s the sport’s greatest players on the field for the same game. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be and once was. However, things have changed and the all-star games aren’t even close to what they once were.

Unless something big and unexpected comes out of left field, I will not knock off another MLB park off my list this summer, which means I won’t be able to add to my baseball collection, at least for MLB baseballs.

People’s decisions often alter Mother Nature’s natural ways of taking care of our environment.

Although I plan on enjoying the remainder of my summer as much as possible and am in no rush for it to be over anytime soon, I look forward to what’s in store this upcoming football season.

Despite the fact it looks like a barn on the outside and there are some things I’d change about the inside, Globe Life Field is starting to grow on me but it still has a long way to go, especially if you compare it with the Globe Life Park, also formerly known as “The Ballpark in Arlington.”

Have you seen the Progressive Insurance “Don’t become your parents” commercial where they’re attending a football game and someone says, “Are we still planning on leaving around the third quarter?

If you happened to read my fishing report for May, you know my main topic was concerning the lack of white perch being caught in what has always been one of the beset spawning areas on Caddo Lake.

On Tuesday night of this past week, my wife was on the phone were her mom when she told her mom she was seeing a documentary for date night. Her mom responded by sarcastically saying, “Oh that sounds like fun,” to which my wife said, “Yeah, it will be.”

Regardless of what happens in tonight’s matchup between the Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors, this season has been nothing but a success for the Mavs. What would your reaction have been had someone told you at the beginning of the season that Dallas would be in the Western Conferen…

My home and office are along the south shore of Caddo Lake known as Long Point. This area of Caddo Lake is one of the beset spawning areas of the entirety of the lake.

I’m an old-school guy. I love the traditional ways. I’m not quite the “get of my lawn” guy yet but I’m not big on change, especially if that change is trying to fix something that’s not broken.

So far this offseason, it seems as though the Dallas Cowboys are playing the quiet game. Perhaps owner/general manager Jerry Jones is taking the “addition by subtraction” theory to heart.

Here in recent years, the National Anthem has sparked all kinds of political debate but here in recent months and weeks, it’s become more than that to me. It’s become what it should be – a reminder of the things we’re able to experience that other nations aren’t.

Don’t even try to convince me or yourself that your bracket is in decent shape. Sure, it might stand up ok against other brackets but if we were fill out the brackets the old school way with pen and paper, our brackets would have more red marks than a graded math test.

Two years ago, we were without sports. I never thought we’d have to experience that and I hope we never have to again. I also hope I don’t soon forget what that was like so I don’t take sports for granted.

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Remember the excitement of Christmas morning when you were a kid and how you were told to wait before opening any presents? I’m pretty sure that’s about how I’m feeling right now as I write this and as you read it as long as it’s before 11 a.m. central time.

On Wednesday evening, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred released a statement that had baseball fans devastated and a hopeless feeling. The statement said that another two series were being removed from the schedule and that at best, opening day would be on April 14. Like many ot…

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The fisherman/fisherwoman’s favorite time of the year is just around the corner.

Monday Night Football is far removed from its glory days. To me, those glory days were in the 90s with the broadcast crew of Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf. It was later great with Michaels and John Madden but since then, it has taken a major nosedive and fast. I think ESPN admi…

Obviously neither the Dallas Cowboys nor the Houston Texans are in the Super Bowl but the Lone Star State is the most represented state in tonight’s contest, providing a little more proof that no other state can match Texas football.

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If you want to load your boat with crappie, head out to Lake O’ the Pines and get right out in front of the dam. Crappie are heading downstream to find shallow water spawning areas and when the dam on Lake O’ the Pines is closed, thousands of all size crappie stack up along the river bed out…

No team had played in any of the first 54 Super Bowls in its home stadium. Then suddenly, Tom Brady brings his new Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad to the big dance at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. If the Los Angeles Rams defeat the San Francisco 49ers in today’s NFC Championship, the Rams will …

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We can make one excuse after another as to why the Cowboys are now in their offseason but the truth is, there’s no excuse for the numbers – five sacks allowed, so sacks by the defense, 14 penalties committed, Ezekiel Elliott rushed 12 times for 31 yards to help bring the total to 77 rushing …

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Hoping you and your family had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year even though everybody has been trying to lay low in hopes that the enemy carrying the virus would keep shooting high and miss all members of our families.

You know how there are certain songs that when you hear them, you just have to stop and listen? Well for me, that couldn’t be truer of John Madden. There’s just something about his voice, energy and excitement that’s so contagious and stirs up nostalgia and makes me want to listen to every w…

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As I’ve said before, one thing we learned from 2020 was just how much we love sports. It was torture not being able to watch them and heck, we were limited in how much we could play them as well. Even just a pickup game was hard to come by. Parks closed down and I even remember seeing basket…

Ladies and gentleman, thank you for your time and I’ll make this quick. I will take any questions you might have but first, I just want to take this opportunity to announce that I will officially be leaving YouTubeTV and entering the transfer portal.

People who have known our family over the years know that fishing has always been a part of our activities. Our favorite lake to fish has been Caddo Lake. Not only has this beautiful moss-laden lake provided a fishing spot second to nine, Caddo Lake has had a major impact on our family in ot…