Hallsville football

Hallsville is set to host its spring football game Tuesday evening.

Hallsville’s football team is slated to wrap up its spring season with a scrimmage Tuesday evening.

“It’s gone well for us,” Hallsville athletic director and head football coach Joe Drennon said of the spring season as a whole. “It was much needed. We’ve got some young kids who are possibly going to be playing up. It’s been really good for them and it’s been for my older kids as well. We’ve actually gotten all 18 of our days in. We’ve had to modify a few because of the rain and all that stuff and get it in during the period but we’ve gotten them all in.”

Other than a couple minor injuries, Drennon said the Bobcats are healthy.

“We had a couple kids, both of them broke their wrists or did something to their wrists, I don’t know,” Drennon said. “They’ve got a cast on the dang thing but they’ll be back here pretty quick. Other than that, everybody is healthy.”

Throughout the spring, Drennon said, there have been a couple pleasant surprises.

“Chance Collins has had a really good offseason,” the coach offered. “He played defensive end at times for us last year. He went from about 185 to about 210, 215, somewhere in that area. He’s looked really good at defensive end for us. Justice Nelson, we moved from a linebacker to a defensive end. I think he’s done a great job starting out for us. We didn’t know if those two guys would be able to do that and they’ve done well. Our young kids have responded well I think, which is something we need.”

Drennon said coaches and players alike are looking forward to Tuesday’s spring game.

“We’re going to do our young guys in a scrimmage format against each other, starting at 5:30,” Drennon explained. “Then somewhere around 6 p.m. or so, we’ll start the game. We’ll divide the teams up. I leave that up to the coaches, they drafted them. I stay out of it because I don’t want one side thinking I’m pulling for the other. I’ll be there and let the coaches call it. They do it all. We’ll play a full game out here on the practice field because they’ll be setting up for graduation on the main field. We tell people they can bring their lawn chairs and we have bleachers as well and it’s free of charge.”