Lewis Dunn made the switch from a backup right tackle to the Mavericks’ starting center this year.

“I do it for the team,” he said, adding that snapping the ball and being the trigger man has been the biggest adjustment. “I’m doing pretty good at it now.”

“Lewis Dunn our center,” Marshall’s first year head football coach Jake Griedl said of Dunn. “He’s been doing pretty well in handling his business so far.”

Offensive linemen don’t typically get a ton of recognition compared to other positions but Dunn is more than OK with that, adding “It’s the best feeling in the world (when a running back breaks lose for a big run because of a block).”

“Their names aren’t the ones that show up in the paper,” Griedl continued. “It’s the receivers, the running backs and the quarterbacks. It’s a very selfless position and Dunn plays that role very well.”

Dunn still has another year of high school football after this but he still has big plans for his future.

“I want to go to college to play ball,” he explained. “Then after I want to be a teacher and a coach to work with kids.”

A large part of why he wants to do that is because of the impact teachers and coaches have had on his own life.

“When times get hard, they’ll ask you, ‘When you grow up, are you going to give up at this or are you going to get it all together?’” he said.

It’s an understatement to say that Dunn and his Mavericks have experienced hard times so far this year, particularly with the passing of teammate Hayden Blalock, but the Mavs’ center says it has brought the team closer.

“It was a big one because we lost someone so we all had to win for him,” Dunn said of last week’s win against the Lindale Eagles in the district opener.

“It helped bring us together because we knew we had to come together for him. That’s what he would have wanted. All he wanted was for us to become a team.”

Marshall is now a team that is 1-0 in District 9-5A play and in search of its second straight win as it goes up against the Hallsville Bobcats.

“We all have to do our job and stay together as a team,” he said when asked what the key is to getting a win over their cross-county rivals.

“He’s one of the hardest-working kids on the team,” Griedl said. “He always brings great attitude. You can tell that this game and this program really mean something to him. He wears that passion on his sleeve and he’s a good role model for everyone on the team.”

Dunn and the Mavericks will take on the Bobcats at 7:30 tonight in Hallsville.

Tickets will be on sale today from 7 a.m. until noon at the Y.A. Tittle Athletic Fieldhouse ticket window.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for students.

All tickets are general admission.