Carson Embry

Carson Embry

Carson Embry was preparing for his second season as an assistant football coach at Shallowater, near Lubbock before receiving a phone call from Marshall athletic director and head football coach, Jake Griedl, asking him if he was interesting in helping coach halfbacks and receivers for the Mavericks.

“He called me and said, ‘Look, I had a guy resign and I’ve got a job open. Let me know if you’re interested,’” Embry explained.

“With the resignation period with my last school coming up, I had to make my mind up and then go tell my coach back there what I was doing.

“I called a bunch of coach mentors and I talked to my parents about it and half the people I talked to said it’s a no brainer. It’s a growing opportunity for me to be able to coach and to work under Jake, who’s had a lot of success. It was just a no brainer from what people said and being a young age and having nothing to tie me down, I could pick and move and that’s basically what I did. I made it happen. It’s been a smooth transition. Now I’m just excited to get to work and get football started.”

Griedl was on a coaching staff at Boerne High School where he coached Embry, who then went onto play for University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

“My most memorable moments are probably from college. We won a national championship in 2016. It was awesome to be part of that type of caliber team. It really taught me a lot as I continue coaching and have high expectations.

“When I was playing (for UMHB), I came out here,” Embry continued. “That was all I knew about Marshall, from when I came out here to play ETBU but right after that, I’d be gone. It will be kind of cool when they come out here. I’ll have to go watch them play.”

So far, Embry said he’s enjoying Marshall.

“I’m loving it,” he said. “I’m excited. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Being so young, I think this is a great place to continue to coach and being able to make an impact here in Marshall. I think Marshall is really on the rise and something special is happening here.”

“I think he knows the expectations that I want our coaches to meet because I coached him as a player,” Griedl said of Embry. “When I coached him, I knew there was something different about Carson. He has that ‘it’ factor.

“Before he even graduated, I told him that there’s going to be a time down the road that we’re going to work on the same staff together. I think Marshall lucked out with being able to get a guy like him. He’s a high-character individual. He loves kids. He’s a student of the game. He wants to learn. He brings a lot of energy. I think our kids are really going to enjoy having him around. He’s very knowledgeable for his age, which he’s around a really good staff to learn from. Carson is a real genuine human being who cares about others and takes his job seriously.

“That’s why he’s going to be a great coach. Carson will be sitting in a chair like I’m sitting in before too long just because that’s the type of individual he is.”

Embry said he believes the Mavericks have a lot of potential to go far this upcoming season.

“Being around the staff and hearing about the guys, I think we have a really talented group to where the sky is the limit,” he offered. “The injury bug is always the key factor but I have very high expectations. I think we can make a deep run coming off of last year. We have a lot of guys back and it will ultimately come down to the team being a player-led team. I think those are the best teams, not the coach-led, so we’re going to put them in the right places and at the end of the day, they’ve got to make the plays.”