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ETBU senior pitcher Blake Corbin is planning on returning for another season.

If there’s a plus side to having everything cut short due to the coronavirus, it’s Blake Corbin.

The NCAA has granted Division III athletes who had their senior season cut short to return for the 2021 spring and Corbin has decided to take full advantage of it.

“I’m actually going to grad school next year, so it worked out in my favor,” Corbin said. “I was already going to be at ETBU for another year, so it just happened to work out for me. That’s definitely a blessing for me.”

“He’s going to graduate in May and get started on his masters,” ETBU head baseball coach Jared Hood said. “The fact he gets to stay and play ball is an absolute plus. I’m ecstatic for him to be able to do that.”

This time of being away from the game and from school has helped confirm some things that Corbin has already learned through the game of baseball.

“Nothing is given,” Corbin said. “You’ve always got to work for what you want in life and in baseball. Right now, you’re not guaranteed anything. Who would have ever thought our season would be cut short due to a virus?

“So every time you step on the yard, your goal should be to play for the man upstairs. Give it all you’ve got because you never know when your time is done.”

When he does return to the Tigers, Corbin said he and his teammates will have high expectations.

“Definitely always a conference championship and make a deep run,” he offered. “I think we have all the pieces and we have more guys coming in.

“We have our whole lineup coming back. That’s always the expectation for me and everybody else.

“I think we’ve got a lot of experience now. Even though our season got cut short, it was a good learning curve for us.”

Hood said Corbin has brought a lot to the table in his four years with the program and is glad to have him back next year.

“Blake’s is a leader as far as the example he sets for the younger guys with his work ethic and the way he goes about his business,” Hood said.

“He’s brought some consistency as far as that’s concerned.

“You never have to worry about his intentions and what he’s trying to accomplish.

“He’s a guy that shows a lot of drive. He battled some injuries last year and basically took half a year off and came back as strong as ever this season and unfortunately, it got cut short.

“He’s been a pretty big staple point for us and a consistent guy to go out there and give you good effort every time.”

Corbin agrees that he himself is more of a leader by example.

“I’ll speak up when things have to be said but I’m more of a laid back, lead-by-example guy who shows the other guys what to do and what not to do,” Corbin said. “I think that’s the best way to describe me.”

As disappointing as it was for Corbin to have his season cut short, he’ll be able use his leadership skills with the Tigers next year.

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