Roughly 900 campers showed up at the third annual ETBU Beast Texas Football Camp on Saturday.

“Oh it was great,” ETBU head football coach Brian Mayper said of Saturday’s camp. “It’s a great thing we split it in half because the camp was massive. We had about 450 in each camp. We were just under 500 last year, which was pretty big, to about 900, so we almost doubled it this year.”

“It’s awesome,” Marshall athletic director and head football coach Jake Griedl added of the camp. “ETBU, coach Mayper and all those guys do a great job with this. It’s great for these kids obviously.

“This is the third year doing this and every year, the numbers have gone up tremendously. It’s just an opportunity for these kids to come out and compete, see what else East Texas has and even as far as Houston, Dallas and everywhere in between. It’s a good deal.”

Griedl added he had about 20-25 Marshall Mavericks competing at the camp.

“They love getting out here and seeing what the rest of the state has to offer and how they size up so it’s good for our guys to see someone with a color other than red,” Griedl said.

“I’d say almost half the guys in East Texas were here,” Mayper added. “We had guys from all over Louisiana that came. We had guys from Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma. I think we had a couple from North Carolina that drove in, so there was a lot of great talent.

“There were guys who some of the big schools were looking at – Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Baylor, to name a few.

“They were here looking at a lot of guys.

“It’s the first camp of the year and they want to watch them perform. The biggest thing again, is just getting them on our campus and seeing what we’re all about.”