Tom Herman

University of Texas head football coach Tom Herman speaks to a group of campers at the 2017 ETBU football camp.

ETBU is set to host its third annual Beast Texas Mega Camp on Saturday as coaches from schools such as Baylor, Arkansas, TCU, Kansas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State and others will be on hand.

“I think right now we have about 33 colleges,” ETBU second-year head football coach Brian Mayper said.

Mayper added the camp has been extremely beneficial for ETBU.

“Oh tremendous, just to get 500 something guys on campus to see our facilities, it’s as nice or nicer than a lot of Division I AA schools, even some of the smaller Division I, the facilities in comparison, are our nicer,” he added. “We have five guys who started somewhere else who are transferring here just because they’ve been to the camp and they’ve seen our facilities.”

The coach expects to have about 500 campers participating.

“Right now, we’re pre-registered in the mid 300s,” he said. “Last year we had about 150, 200 walkups, so I would guess the same amount.”

This year’s camp will be divided up by positions.

“We’re actually splitting it this year so 9 a.m. will be registration for the O-line, D-line, running backs, linebackers and specialists,” Mayper said. “Then they’ll start at 10 a.m. Then at 12 will be registration for the quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, DBs and they’ll start at 1 p.m. We handled 500 at one camp last year so if you go in half, you have plenty of space. It makes it a little longer day but it’s more beneficial to be able to come here and see the guys.”

The deadline to register is right before the camp starts and there’s no limit when it comes to number of campers.

“For guys who pre-register, it’s $40 online and you don’t have to go through the registration process once you get here,” Mayper explained. “You just check in and go through. If you don’t re-register, it’s $50 at the door, so it saves you $10 as well paperwork prior to.”