DJ Feaster knows how to make good things happen with the ball in his hands.

He has 43 carries for 611 yards and eight touchdowns. On top of that, he has caught three pass for 139 yards and all three catches resulted in a touchdown. On the defensive side, he has 27 tackles, a tackle for a loss, one fumble recovery and one interception.

His offensive strengths go beyond carrying the ball.

“He’s really smart,” Waskom athletic director and head football coach Whitney Keeling said. “He always knows what’s going on, both on the offensive and the defensive side. He’s a hard-working kid who enjoys the game. He’s in a position that he has to block more than he gets to carry the ball so that’s kind of uncommon for a running back and he takes that role responsibly and blocks just as good as runs.”

Keeling added Feaster is a leader by example.

“He practices hard,” the coach offered. “He’ll get on somebody if they need getting onto. He takes pride in being the best he can be and he wants the guys around him to be just as good as he is.”

Feaster especially wants his seniors to be the best they can be and for them to end their high school football careers on a high note.

“I play every game for them now,” he said. “It’s playoffs and they want to go to state. Every moment is for them. I know my boys don’t want to go home. We’ve talked about this over and over again.”

In order for that to happen, the Wildcats, who an overall 8-1 record and a district record of 5-1, will go up against a team that owns a 9-2 overall and also went 5-1 in district play.

“We’ve got a big game coming up against Daingerfield,” Feaster offered. “We’ve just got to be prepared. We’ve got to contain the quarterback, wrap up and tackle.”

“I think we’re going to have to control the line of scrimmage on the offensive side of the ball, try to keep the ball away from them. They’re very dynamic,” Keeling said. “They’ve got a lot of playmakers. They do a lot of good things when the ball is in their hands. We’ve got to minimize the big plays against us and make them drive the field. Those are the keys that we feel like, if we do well at, that’s going to give us the best chance to win. That’s not saying we will win if we do that but that gives us the best chance.”

One thing Feaster said he has learned from his coaches is, “Don’t give up. Just fight,” and added he’s not giving up on the season.

Tonight’s game between Waskom and Daingerfield is slated for a 7 p.m. kickoff at Longview’s Lobo Stadium.