EF workouts

Elysian Fields football players run through a drill during Tuesday morning’s workout.

Elysian Fields athletic director and head football coach Scott Ford said his team’s workouts have been going well and added they’re excited to be able to practice the first Monday of August.

“It’s good, our nucleus is here,” Ford said when asked how the workouts have gone lately. “We’re trying extremely hard to follow protocol. I’m surprised that we’re going to get the opportunity to practice Aug. 3 but we’re going to be ready. We’ve got four locker rooms and we’re going to spread our kids out and structure it in a way that’s as safe as we can possibly be under these circumstances. We’re excited. I thought the UIL stepped up and made a bold statement about how life at some point has to go on so that’s what’s going to happen around here. Life is going to go on and we’re going to make this as normal as we can.”

Ford said the turnout has been a little down because of summer activities but says they know where most of the kids are who aren’t present.

“It’s been down a little bit but it’s mainly been younger kids who have to stay home and I completely get that,” he offered. “All of our older kids who have been through our offseason are either here or we know where they’re at. They’re accountable and responsible. They understand they have to call and let us know and they’ve done that. We want kids to go on vacation and things like that. It’s been a different summer but we want them to be well-rounded people. I feel like we’ve got everyone who can practice Aug. 3 accounted for.”

The Yellow Jackets coach is particularly excited about his team’s potential this season.

“We really believe we have a chance to be the best football team we’ve had here in eight years,” he said. “We’re excited as we sit here today knowing we’re going to be able to play a season. Right now we’re good to go. We’re excited and I think we’re going to have some fun, I really do.”