Alex Garcia didn’t envision time flying by as fast as it has and now the right tackle for the Waskom Wildcats is in his senior season.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” Garcia said. “I’ve been playing with all these seniors for a long time and I didn’t expect to go this fast. It flew by. I’ve been playing with these guys since little league, so this year, I’m trying to go really hard.

“It’s my last time ever so I have to play really hard every game.”

He has several memories of playing with his teammates and hopes to create more in his final year in a Waskom uniform.

“I remember playing with these guys in the seventh and eighth grade,” he said. “We won every game. It was really fun. We’re trying to do that this year and win our district.”

“He’s a really, really good kid,” Waskom head football coach Whitney Keeling said of Garcia. “His brother started for us all four years at right tackle. Then he graduated and Alex started all four years for us at right tackle.

“There’s been a Garcia at right tackle for us for eight years. It’s pretty crazy.”

“After every game, he calls me and tells me what I did wrong and what I did right,” Garcia said of his brother. “He tells me how to get better and talks to me about technique.

“He helps me after every Friday game.”

“They look a lot alike,” added of the Garcia brothers. “His brother was skinnier than he was but stronger. His brother squatted over, I think 500 pounds and weighed like 165, 170.

“Alex is a little bigger. He’s like 185. He’s not as strong but he’s athletic. He had a knee injury last spring and I think that kind of hurt him a little bit on the strength part.”

Through the years of playing football, Garcia says he has learned a lot from the game.

“They’ve taught me a lot,” the senior said of his coaches. “They’ve taught me about dedication and hard work, that it all pays off, and the importance of high character.

“They’ve taught me that since seventh grade and I think I’ll take it with me for the rest of my life.”

After high school, Garcia plans to attend UT Tyler follow his brother and sister into the medical field.

Until then though, despite how fast time is going, he still has his senior year in front of him, and tonight, he and his Wildcats are set to host the Hughes Springs Mustangs.

“We’ve just got play physical,” Garcia said. “We’ve got to play fast. We’ve got to play our game. We’re just going to go out there and do what we know how to do.”

He added he hopes to give back to the Waskom fans by coming away with the victory.

“I want to win for them every night,” he said. “They’ve been supporting me since I was in little league. They’re always cheering. I love them.”

Tonight’s game is slated for a 7 p.m. kickoff at Wildcat Stadium in Waskom.