Mavs workout 2

Maverick defenders practice defensive line drills at Thursday morning’s workout.

Three days of workouts are in the books for Marshall’s athletic program. Athletic director and head football coach Jake Griedl said he likes what he has seen so far.

“It’s been really good,” Griedl offered. “We’ve had a bunch of kids coming. Most of our kids are showing up excited to get back to work, more so than summers in the past just because they haven’t been able to be here and do stuff. Getting back into the routine has been really good for the kids and great for the coaches. It’s been an exciting three days.”

Griedl added the turnout has been good across the board.

“We’ve been running four different groups. We’ve had 72 in the first, 72 in the second and I think there’s been 55 and 35 in terms of the girl groups, so we’ve had some really good turnout. We’re working on some plans for the junior high, incoming ninth and eighth-graders, so that will either start next week or the week after.”

The student athletes returned to their school workouts after having their spring sports cancelled.

“It’s kind of like riding a bike. You just kind of pick up where you left off,” Griedl continued. “Now we just have to get into the kind of shape that you want but we’re doing it the right way. We’re not trying to kill our kids but ease them into it to ultimately get to the point where once two-a-days start, they’re where we need them to be.”

The groups start meeting in the morning and the coaches sanitize the rooms and equipment to prepare for the next group.

“The first group checks in at 7:30 for their medical screening,” Griedl said. “We start at 8 and go from 8-10. The next group comes in at 10:30 for their medical screening and they’re done at 12:15. The girls come in at 12:30 for their medical screening. I believe they’re done at 2.”