Wow, the NBA offseason started off with a huge splash when the Lakers acquired Anthony Davis in a blockbuster trade with the Pelicans.

My guess is the Lakers will win the trade on the short term perspective but the Pelicans will have a chance to build a strong team long-term wise.

There are several other big moves waiting to happen this offseason, specifically when it comes to free agents such as Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and others.

It looks like Kevin Durant will miss the majority of next season, if not all of it but that won’t stop anyone from trying to add him to their rosters.

It seems almost certain that he won’t be back with Golden State and questions also surround Klay Thompson and whether or not he’ll return to the Warriors after he heals from his game-six injury.

I can’t help but think that the Raptors’ win over the Warriors is the end of an era.

Unless Leonard stays in Toronto, I highly doubt the Raptors will be a dynasty but I think the Golden State dynasty has come to an end.

With the trade that sent Davis to Los Angeles, the Lakers are now the Vegas favorites to win the 2020 NBA Finals.

If that happens, the Lakers will have gone from not making the playoffs this year to winning it all.

They’ll be stacked with talent, though, and if they can land a solid point guard, it will be hard to pick against them.

However, I don’t think they’ll be a dynasty.

LeBron James will eventually hang it up and will leave huge shoes to fill. Not to mention, the competition will be strong in the Western Conference.

My guess is it will be a while before there’s a dynasty at all again but it will be fun to watch to see how everything unfolds and how teams are able to build.

The Pelicans will have a few first-round-draft picks from the Lakers, and with the addition of Zion Williamson, they should be good for a long time.

As a Mavericks fan, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re able to do.

It’s going to be weird and different watching them without Dirk Nowitzki but with Luka Doncic having a year under his belt, playing with a healthy Kristaps Porzingis, the future looks bright for the Mavs.

They may not be Finals contenders just yet but if they continue to add the proper pieces and have a solid offseason, competing for the Finals won’t be out of the question in the near future.

The NBA’s slogan used to be, “Where Amazing Happens.” I guess that’s fitting in the offseason where the craziness is just beginning.